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How to deal with YELP reviews

Let’s be honest, no matter if you are an exclusive restaurant owner with years of experience in catering business, or just a newbie with big dreams, a critic matters. No one likes to hear or read a bad review, especially if you are doing something that you think you are good at and you enjoy doing.

One of the most influential restaurants reviews is definitely the Yelp review.

You run your restaurant by spreading the good vibe to all of your employees, they feel motivated to give their best and try to make customers feel as comfortable as possible. Your food is delicious, the ambient appropriate, and everything seems to be in the best order. But in the end of the working day you find out that you’ve got the bad review on Yelp from one of the customers. Unfortunately, there will always be displeased people who will express their frustration online, without consideration or regret.

Take a deep breath and try not to lose focus or enthusiasm and remember these tips:

1. Always try to be prepared to take a critic, take it in a dignified manner, without losing your integrity, and even more, your self-respect.

2. If the reviewer has credibility, admit your mistake and make sure itdoesn’t happen again.

3. If the reviewer who is criticizing your work on Yelp is just theatric without concrete reason explain the criticizer that he/she exaggerated with the bad review, by using the chosen words, of course, you don’t want to hurt the customer’s feelings, because that’s what the reviewer is primarily.

4. Be a Yelp friendly place, meaning you understand and accept the critics and the existence of criticism online by putting the Yelp link on your website.

5. Make sure you get noticed, do quality marketing on social media, where you can also mention Yelp. This platform can help you with your restaurant marketing, maybe you’ll get bad reviews some days, but you can also get support of the reviewers.

At the end, remember that the reviewers are only humans, with wishes and problems, don’t take every negative comment personal, and try your best to increase your business and to make customers feel comfortable every time
they visit your restaurant.

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