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7 Tips for Marketing to Millennials

This is seven essential tips for Digital Marketing to Millennials:

1. Millennials worship the Social Media, so you have to present your business there.

They are using Social Networks to share and comment everything; and I literally mean everything, from songs, movies and food to politics, social rights and humanitarian acts. On the other hand, Millennials are using Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Yelp to find out cool places close by, which is crucial for your business. To start make restaurant Fan Page on Facebook and Instagram business profile.

2. Rock your mobile marketing.

85% of the Millennials in the US own smartphones, so it’s very important to make mobile-friendly Website, especially Landing page. Next step is to find way to integrate your advertising natively into popular mobile applications and programs. Make your own mobile application.

3. It’s not enough to be online, you have to speak the same language – Cool,
authentic and fun.

Most of the Millennials say that the user-generated content has the biggest influence, but don’t be disappointed by this. You can learn how to talk, act and think like Gen-Y- ers. The key is in informative, genuine, convincing, credible, trustworthy and viral content on your Website, Fan page or in description of Instagram photo.

4. Content has to be complemented with alluring photos and videos.

If you want to create curiosity, share photos and videos of food, drinks, people, the interior and the overall atmosphere of your restaurant. The best practice is to photograph a well served meal, and share that photo with the list of groceries used and how it was prepared. Also, you can make short videos with the Daily Specials and share them on Facebook, Instagram and your YouTube channel.

5. Gen-Y- ers must review every blog, page and post about your restaurant before making a purchase.

Generation Y is craving for content-driven media. Also they are liking, tweeting, pinning, commenting and sharing on all what they found on Internet. Likewise, they put trust in opinion of others Millennials. What that means for your restaurant? Well, you have to insure good reviews in every platform on Internet. If your food isn’t fresh and tasty, everybody will know that in a very short period. You must follow reviews and try to correct poor ones – through specialization of employees, making fresh, tasty and eye- catching food, paying attention to the details and decoration.

6. Millennials don’t trust Traditional Advertising – Inbound marketing is IN!

Radio, television, magazine and e-mail, pop-up ads and clickbait content don’t impress Millennials because in their mind these campaigns are company-focused and don’t represent actual life of average customer. They support ads with informative,creative and meaningful content. Millennials want blogs, videos, e-books and fascinating pictures with true and inspirational story behind. They want helpful guidance, and If you provide them that, they will follow up, appreciate and respect what you stand for. Show them why your restaurant is better than others – segregate the best aspect of your business and draw attention to it. For example, write about organic, gluten free, trans- fat-free and sugar-free food and drinks. You are using specific groceries, different cooking methods, dishes and genuine way of serving food – write about it, make some good pictures and interesting videos. Millennials will like, share and comment on it. Do not exaggerate with Paid Online Advertising!

7. Create a Social Network giveaway!

Ask your followers to like and share certain photo or video for a chance to win dinner for four, or something like that. That will help you to increase number of followers, likes, shares and comments. The must important effect of that is promoting of your restaurant and food and earning a loyal customers.

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